With the recent Portfolio Night , we were able to interview some of the creative directors who participated in the event in different cities in the world.

Over the next few months you will enjoy of these interviews on the blog, where the creative directors tell us about the experience in the Portfolio Night, one of the most innovative in the world of today’s advertising launched by the guys ihaveanidea to promote the work of young creative facilitating contact with the creative directors of the most important agencies.

We strat with Aleka Papadia, creative director who participated in Portfolio Night in Athens. She studied Archaeology and Art History at the University of Athens. She Works as a creative since 1994. She begun at McCann-Erickson, continued at Publicis, TBWA in Athens and Lowe, wrote for Levi’s, Nescafé, Lever, SEAT, Vodafone, Wind(mobile network), greek Lottery company Opap and many others. Currently, she works at Upset, a greek company as head of creative. She is also a traveler, a book lover anda n amateur painter.

What do you think of the Portfolio Night experience? Have you learnt anything from it?

It was a nice experience.I was expecting more enthusiasm and participation from young creatives.The starvation needed in order to survive in such a competitive environment. I must say Ogilvy in Greece did a very good job organizing the whole event.

Who was your first tutor in advertising?

My very first tutor and the person that also hired me was Viroussa Papadopoulou.One of the best copywriters in Greece to my humble opinion.I also consider Bernbach, Ogilvy, Droga, Hegarty, Dave Abbot tutors as well in a broader sense.

According to your own experience in Portfolio Night, What is the level of the young creative women?

I can talk about creative talent in general.I was expecting to see more outstanding work or at least some more passion than I saw.You can’t lack passion in the beginning of your career.Most people seemed embarassed or shy and didn’t grab the opportunity to meet every creative director in the room.

How many women are there in your creative department? And the percentage in comparison to men percentage.

Actually our creative department consists of 14 women and 9 men.In the greek advertising market the female element is quite predominant.

What is the campaign that surprised you most as far as communication to women goes?

Dove for real beauty was a campaign with great insight but also nice execution. “Talk to your kid before the beauty industry does”

I find the message simple and clear.I think the whole campaign was great.

An advice for the young creative women.

An advice I would also give to creative young men.Be really creative.They’re both facing the same challenges.Actually for women who have started a family, things are more complicated and that’s exactly where the discrimination issues begin.On how a woman has the same expectations from herself regarding her career afters she makes a family. Or at least that is the main stereotype in business.

Name the best current creative woman in your opinion.

There are many remarkable creative women each in her own field like Miranda July in arts, Kathryn Bigelow in cinema, Tiger Savage in advertising and the list goes on.There is a lot of them out there.

What is the best campaign that you have worked on as creative director?

Well, the best is yet to come but the two prominent for me were for Seat Ibiza, and a Greek broadband service company Hol. The heroes of the commercials connote the client of the telecommunications market leader in Greece. To justify their telecoms provider choice, they make up unreasonable excuses. Any excuse not to be a HOL client is irrational. The campaign consisted of 5 tvc and radio commercials and print.

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