Nowadays, more and more women decide about things that were, until now, associated with men, as a rule. We talked about cars, motorbikes and beer. Now, it's a turn of insurance companies.

Throughout March and April, DKV Seguros has been present, with two versions of its advert, in the principal national print media (magazines and supplements for women) and in the digital media.

dkv_mujer1The company wants to gain more recognition among women, who could possibly buy or change their health insurance, as well as inform about its exclusive services and increase the online service.

The target of this advertising campaign is women between 25 and 45 years old. It doesn't promote any specific product but tries to approach the target with all DKV's services.

The copy says: "It's a new stage. DKV wants to be near to you giving everything you need to take care about you and your family: thousands of doctors and clinics, medical lines open 24h (gynaecology, pregnancy, paediatrics…), nutritional line, medical care around the world, the best preventive techniques and the best assistance. For DKV, your health…. your family health, is like our one."

It seems that DKV thinks seriously about the women market. The company doesn't promote itself only through advertising, but it makes women take part in its activities.

DKV Padel Women Tour by Yo Dona teaches women to play "padel", organizes a competition and a space where to logo_padelplay. All of above in a feminine environment (relax zone, hostess, presents…).

Apart from that DKV sponsors the Woman Race, about which we talked previously.

Empathy, participation, solidarity… these are the values that women appreciate, used in the DKV's campaign.

Full credits
Advertiser: DKV Seguros
Client contact: Isabel Barangé, Irene Dávalos
Agency: FMRG Compact
Creative Director: Eva Aparicio
Art Director: Sergi Milà 
Account Executive: Blanca Suñol

Resources: MarketingNews, Brand, Advertising and Image Department of DKV.

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