Ineke Otte is a successful designer/artist designing tables, lamps, interior products, jewellery, shawls, sculptures, glassobjects etc., for 25 years.

But she also designs total concepts for hotel rooms, office buildings ad, she realizes outside sculptures and makes work in order.

Her jewellery and her book are available in museum shops and galleries in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chicago, New York, etc.

Products of unique funny colourful design with humour. They are made of wood, perspex, paint, stones, mouses, pearls, different plastic colourful materials. These materials together give very exceptional combinations.
Her art and designs are dynamic, exciting and colourful, at which the experience of colours, forms and symbols are central.

Inspiration is the magnificent colourful nature with the endless range of colours of flowers, tulips, roses, violets and fresh green grass, under a wonderful bright blue sky with clouds who paint their drawings.

Nature is my great inspiration. It has been running through my life like a continuous thread: the enormous challenge of making yet another surprising objects to wear

Check out some of her works below:


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