In Accounts, it happens to be usual that the account team grows, or changes some of its members.

Recently I’ve been in the situation of giving an accelerated course to a new teammate, that is currently doing what I used to do 6 months ago, and I realized how important is the way you transmit your account’s knowledge. Here I just wanted to leave some tips that would be useful if you work in Accounts and you need to do this power transfer.

• First of all: it is not you anymore, it is he/she! You shouldn’t pretend this new person to do things just exactly you used to. Each one of us have our own way of working,   expressing ourselves and so. It would be enough to transmit goals, ideas and knowledge; your successor will find his way and maybe, ideally, even to improve the work you´ve started (don’t get scared with this idea)!

• Take your colleague into your client’s world: tell him who your client is, how do you deal with him, which is his past and present situation, where does he want to go, how does he understand his business… Understanding who do you work for is essential for accomplishing your functions, even before understanding your functions themselves!

• Give your colleague all the time he needs! Don’t assume that he knows and understands anything. Something obvious for you, is not so, you’ve been living with your client for a long time… you know more than you imagine about him! Talk to your mate from your experience, it’s for sure that a lot of your mistakes and good decisions would be a good learning for him. With that, you can avoid him to make the same mistakes!

• Encourage him to change some of the things that you used to do in different way. Another point of view has interesting resoults most of the time

If you follow this 4 points when you need them, all client, your new colleague and yourself will find it nicer and easier!


Sonsoles Hermida

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