Obesity is a huge problem among American teenagers. However, there are still few things done in order to prevent it.

The designer, Irina Ivanova, proposed for VitaMeal a new system of snack dispensers with healthy food.


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Irina proposes a unique system: the dispensers are filled with healthy products only, what encourages change in youth alimentation habits.


All the products have an attractive, colourful packaging and each one contains one portion of food, so it's easy to control how much you eat.

packaging cardsIf youngsters are not able to give up the temptation of junk food and can not distinguished between what they should and what they should not eat, their parents can use the option of giving to their child a specially programmed card.

The card enables to buy only previously programmed products. This way parents can control better their children's diet. The card can be personalized in a way that machine greets the child at the moment of introducing it and can register a list of purchases.


The system is equipped with a recycle unit. Anyone who uses it will get a free credit recharge in the card.


Ivanova thought in every detail. The dispensers do not only sell healthy food, but they make of a purchase a funny and educative activity for children used to eat a lots of fast food.

Thanks to Ivanova, for the first time the entire family is involved in the alimentation process. Till now, children had their pocket money at their convenience and they could buy anything they wanted, anywhere, at any time, and they did not bother to think about their health.


This system allows parents to know what their children eat outside home and to control their children's alimentation in case of being allergic. By programming the card, they will unable risky purchases.

The designer goes further than selling to children VitaMeal food. She proposes a new alimentation model that helps children to adapt healthy eating habits, with the help of their family, and understand the importance of recycling.


Without doubt, this new system may help American society to fight obesity.

Resource: TheDieLine.


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