Last February, Ausonia launched the campaign "Have you got a minute?" in order to support the research on breast cancer.

There are many minutes that we spend every day on doing different things, and that is why Asonia suggests to donate some of them, and get this way personally involved in the fight against breast cancer.

The brand collaborates with Spanish Association Against Breast Cancer (AECC), and each sold package of Ausonia means a donation for one minute of the research.


This is only one of the ways how Ausonia demonstrates its compromise with women.  Some time ago Ausonia launched the campaign "Your care unites us", in order to raise the awareness among women about the importance of the intimate health.

Now, a Spanish singer, Marta Sanchez joined the cause and appears on TV spot along with many others celebrities, to support Ausonia by telling their testimonies and leaving comments on the web, where anyone can do it.

Apart from exposing the relevant information about this type of cancer, advices and statements, Ausonia has created as well a Facebook group, which anyone can join.

The brand, unlike its competition, has not only given a couple of advices about menstruation or use of hygiene products, but it has decided to get seriously involved in women's problems.


The selection of media, to get with the message to women, is the right one. Ausonia has basically directed the campaign to people who has suffered, o suffer the breast cancer, and to their relatives and friends.  The brand offered them a place where they can find reliable information provided by AECC, and share their experiences with other women.

Besides, Ausonia joined the nowadays social media networks, dominated by women, and it has created a Facebook group.

A great strategy to keep consumers close and gain new ones, and a significant support of an important social cause.

Full credits
Agency: Tapsa
Advertiser: Arbola & Ausonia
Brand: Ausonia
Client contact: Mónica Fite
Account executive: Arantza Jiménez
General Creative Director: Julián Zuazo
Executive creative director: Manuel Cavanilles
Creative director: Myriam Maneiro
Copywritter: Mónica Esteban
Producer: Roberto Arias
Media Agency: Mediavest
Production agency: Albiñana Films
Producer: David Manchado
Audio study: Audioclip
Music: Oeo Música
Post-production: Molinare
Piece: Spot TV 20"
Title: "Pañuelo"


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