Harley- Davidson's web has recently added a new section devoted to women from USA and Canada.

The decision was made in a reaction for the data showing the increasing number of Harleys being bought by ladies (up to 10% of total sales). However, Harley-Davidson has always been closed to women.

Since Harley's beginnings, women participated in the brand's events and they also appeared in its adverts.

In this section we can discover the female side of the Harley-grafica_no-hagas-estoDavidson's history, meet the women who devoted their lives to riding their Harleys and advices about how to ride a Harley, along with statements of other female riders.

We can find out where and when the next Garage Party will take place, thanks to the event calendar. Garage Party is aimed to women who want to learn more about riding and who are willing to form a part of Harley-Davidson's family.

As they say, women are moving up to the driver's seat of their own Harley-Davidson and encourage their friends and family members to do the same. And if there is any hesitant woman, the web will surely convince her to join, with interesting reports and useful advices.


The ladies section is added only to US and Canadian versions of the web. When will we find similar activities in other countries?


Fuente: BusinessWeek.

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