The 18th annual Golden Drum international festival drew to a close with an award ceremony. We have talked to Svetlana Copic, Piran Portorož Poster Award’s jury and  Creative Director at New Moment New Ideas Company Y&R Belgrade. Thanks Svetlana, we have known a little better this festival.

A day in a jury

I gladly admit having a soft spot for the Golden Drum. It is the first advertising festival I ever attended and ever since then an October would not be an October without a few days of soaking in its friendly atmosphere. Great food, sunny weather, sea views, catching up with international friends from the “ad world”, as well as making some new ones – really, what is not to like? I was looking forward to being in its jury again.

This year I was a member of “Piran Portorož Poster Award” jury, traditionally organized in cooperation with the local Tourist Organization.  Popularity of this competition lies in a nice combination of money (cash prize) and fame it brings to its winners – the rest of the Festival laureates have to settle with just the latter.

Arriving to gorgeous sunny weather in Portorož, I was grateful for the online pre-selection we had already done. It meant that we were going to go straight to selection of the winners among the already announced shortlisted posters. Of all the juries in the Festival, the one I am in turns out to be the most gender-balanced with 2 out of 5 jury members being female (all boys party in the Single Channel Jury, and the usual only one woman in Multi Channel jury).  The other one was Vera Stanković, the first female CD I ever met, who was even sort of a tutor to me when I was just starting out, so it was great seeing her after some time and being in the same session.

After meeting each other over breakfast, we are headed to the jury room, where we decide not to use the voting remotes at all, but rather to discuss each individual shortlisted entry. The theme of the competition was “Piran Portorož Fiction” and the task was to place a famous novel or a movie in these two cities. We are talking about the importance of choosing a work that goes a step further from being just a remake of an existing movie poster or a book cover.  After that, we easily decide for the top three posters, immediately agree on the third place, and then spend some more time discussing the first and the second one. At the end, we agree that we should just follow our first instincts and go with the one that makes us more excited- the clever and beautifully executed series of posters showing Piran through the eyes of Edward the Scissorhand. We go for a coffee at the sunny Festival terrace, all leaving the jury room feeling good about the selection.

At the Award Ceremony we can see that there is a team of a girl and a boy behind the winning poster series. Caught in a whirlwind of a party that followed the ceremony, I did not have a chance to talk to them, so I’d like to say it now: you go, girl, brilliant work! (And the boy too, of course!)

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