Due to the discussion started on the elder post Photoshop: ¿use o abuse? I am going to give the debate a new approach.

Personally, I agree with everything we talked on the other post. The law proposal seems to be a way to distract our attention from other mayor problems, as many governments have been trying to do lately.

Nevertheless, the topic is really interesting and there are other points of view we haven’t taken into account yet. Things like one of Ralph Lauren’s latest campaigns shouldn’t be allowed:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/14/filippa-hamilton-ralph-la_n_320396.html

But on the other hand, we find photographers such as Jill Greenberg or Garrigosa who base their work in retouching techniques with a lot of talent, and that shouldn’t be banned.

We should be really worried about some models’ extreme slimness, as that is no digital retouching… it is real life. Paris Fashion Week is an example of what we need to be concerned of. During its celebration controversy was once again raised, as some of the models didn’t reach the minimum weight required in many countries… and that happens in the same country that wants to tag the use of Photoshop!

We have to try not to encourage aesthetics that could make women reach anorexia. I totally agree with the complaints made after the photographs of Ralph Lauren, as that can disturb a lot of people and might influence those who are likely to suffer eating disorders. Anyhow, using lightning techniques, make up or Photoshop retouching with common sense in order to create ideal or extraordinary sceneries shouldn’t be a problem.

Actually, what should really concern us is what Karl Lagerfeld recently stated; “No one wants to see curvy women”. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/12/karl-lagerfeld-no-one-wan_n_317294.html

Maybe we should discuss if we should advice about the use of Photoshop or if we should control physical abuses in real people. I mean extreme cases, as everyone wears certain clothes, make up, practices sports, uses beauty products and so on, in order to look after their appearance and that isn’t a problem. Anyhow, we all try to communicate something with the way we look.

Paula Hércules

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