This week in Buenos Aires takes place the 40th edition of the legendary FIAP. We won't know the winners until Friday.

To begin with, here is one of the winners of the FIAP 2008, in the category TV Spot:

The spot tells a story of a witch who terrifies a whole village… until she drinks a glass of milk. The slogan tells: "Calcium reduces the symptoms of a premenstrual syndrome. Got milk? [Got it?]"

The spot suggests that women turn into withes when having PMS.

No one doubts that PMS exists, but… ¿is it a reason for making witches of us?

The spot reflects a stereotyped masculine perception of the problem and it lacks the sensitivity of a woman, who knows the meaning of a premenstrual pain and nuisances.

As Steve James says: "our researches show that the Latin American families experience the emotional connection with this kind of character". But did anyone investigate if women feel identified with witches?

It may work as a joke (funny basically for men), but it is not the best way to connect with women's needs.

Despite the above, the campaign was awarded in others advertising festivals as well. It reminds me the campaign Ruth Lee talked about.

Full credits:

Advertising Agency: Grupo Gallegos

Advertiser: California Milk Processor Board

Brand: Got Milk

Creative Director: Curro Chozas

Creatives: Favio Ucedo y Juan Oubiña

Art Director: Saul Escobar

Copywriters: Fernando Fryd y Lulu Reynal

Production company: Blue Productora

Piece: Spot TV 60″

Title: ‘Bruja’

Resources:, MiraLoQueVeo.

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