!Women Art Revolution, a film produced by Lynn Hershman, which history shows the importance that feminine art has had on American culture.

This documentary shows the struggle that women staged within the art world for four decades. In this video are interviewed some of the artists who most had influenced at the time such as Judy Chicago, the Guerrilla Girls or Miranda July.

Below you can see an advertisement of the well known Guerrilla Girls, mothers from a unique combination of text, images and content that comes with a cheeky feminist humor point of view; and who got the people evolve in the way of thinking about race, gender and sexuality. Even some historians see the Guerrilla Girls as pioneers of the art movement of the twentieth century. Many people joined them not for their ideals, just because their special humor.


This group of women that still in touch with their more than 1,000 fans by their facebook page !Women Art Revolution¡ A (Formerly) Secret History, they became well known because their apprearances dressed as gorillas, they even ensure that nobody in their enviroment or even family knew their identity. At that time, the american Guerrilla Girls already had groups of fans in France and England.


To close up I would like to recall Lynn Hershman’s reflection at the Toronto International Film Festival:


As the 21st century dawns, how is feminist art doing? “It’s still pretty bad, though not as bad as it was,” filmaker says.

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