Cointreau invites women to be “Cointreauversial” in their "Ladies Nights".

The orange liquor fits to these times and transforms its image focusing on women and giving them the chance to forget about duties and enjoy their feminine side for a while. That's what makes "Cointreauversial". Basing on women taste, Cointreau created a women targeted cocktail, named Cointreaupolitan, which means to be an adaptation of the famous Cosmopolitan.

Cointreaupolitan has an eye catching fuchsia colour that fully covers Cointreau cocktail shakers. The most fashionable Madrid's clubs already have these shakers.

Madrid is the first Spanish city where Cointreau put an eye on to develop their communication actions. “Ladies Nights” pretends to hold stylish and glamorous events where women can sport their most seducing and feminine side.




During the first celebration in Madrid, feminine guests had the chance to receive beauty treatments and styling assessment. A male striptease made the party more enjoyable.

Communicate P.R Consultancy was in charge of designing and organizing the event.

Femininity, exclusivity, direct contact, make women feeling involved…  These are the success patterns again.

Resource: Eventoplus.

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