Last Wednesday, from 15.00 to 16.00 pm Eastern Time, Fernanda Romano was answering to our twitter's followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you!

Hope you enjoy it…

Ryan Thomas (@RyanTylerThomas)- How can we drive understanding of digital possibility within the traditional advertising community? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano (@fefaromano)- With training, better collaboration and new people joining the ranks of big agencies, it will get better. #WFCD

Ryan Thomas- How can we make this “help” symbiotic and sustainable? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano– There is the need for partnership between companies like Facebook or Google and the “traditional” guys. I also think there is the need for the “traditionalise” to commit at a very senior level to the new model. And I believe this will be driven by client needs. Look at the world’s biggest clients: they are signalling. As it hits the bottom line of “traditional” companies, we won’t need to talk about it anymore… #WFCD

Ryan Thomas- As Miles Nadal once said that the difference between digital consumption and spending was $50 billion for parity at zero growth.

Fernanda Romano- He is right. But this is changing. And fast. We are seeing clients shift big accounts and not even discuss with "tradicional" guys. This is a sign of change. #WFCD

Sophia Thomas (@Sophiia_Thomaas)– Which of your campaigns are you the most proud of? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- I am very proud of 'Let's color' for Dulux, 'Nokia' music recommenders and 'SpecialK'. #WFCD

AdWomen (@adwomen)– Which campaign did you do with more passion? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano– I put passion in everything I do. The work that moved me most so far was 'Let's color' for dulux at Eurorscg. #WFCD

Adwomen– Do you think winning awards is the most important thing to reach the top in the industry? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- No, not at all. Winning the client's respect and having solid work is the most important. #WFCD

Flaviafrancis (@flaviafrancis)- Good idea in the limited company mean short of funds. What can we do?

Fernanda Romano- You need to show everyone that the investment is worth it, with real examples and ROI. #WFCD

Ignacio Oreamuno (@ihaveanidea)– If you could go back and give advice to yourself 10 years ago what would you tell you? #WFCD

Nicolb (@nicolb)– Shut up & practice piano

Fernanda Romano- 🙂 I would say: don’t bother about the non-believers, always trust your gut and make friends outside of the ad world. #WFCD

AdWomen- You are going to be a part of the jury at Cannes Titanium, How does it feels? Not too many women in…#WFCD

Fernanda Romano- it feels awesome and a huge responsibility, of course. #WFCD

Flaviafrancis- The Asian market is growing incredibly. What is the difference? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- Between Brasil and Asia? #WFCD

Flaviafrancis- Yep! #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- Asia is massive and it’s very diverse. India and Japan are completely different from China and Singapore. it will always be different from Brasil… Now it is growing faster in some markets there mostly because they adopted technologies in a different way than Brasil did and there is no lobby against it there #WFCD

Sophia Thomas– Throughout your career you have worked in varies countries, which have you found to have the most interesting ad industry? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- The USA is very diverse and the companies are brave and fun to work with. But the UK is also very exciting. #WFCD

Christina Oflaherty (@WritesAlot)- What one piece of advice would you give women working in advertising right now? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- To make the most of the fact that women are more sensitive but not let sensitivity become a problem. #WFCD

Christina Oflaherty- A fine line, no? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- Yes, indeed. We should use sensitivity as a talent or skill and not as a gender label or a way to express ourselves. #WFCD

Stephanie Ortenzi (@PistachioWrites)- I feel overwhelmed by copy, content & language in advtg [& I’m a writer; crazy I know]. I crave more visual. Is it just me? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- No, not just you. A friend told me once the written word is very limited. He was right. #WFCD

Flaviafrancis- How ended up with conservatism without losing creativity? #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- Not sure there is a formula for anything. But creativity is what we use to solve problems. Always. #WFCD

Fernanda Romano- Guys, thanks a lot for the questions and for your time today. Send me a msg anytime if you want to chat more. 🙂 #WFCD

AdWomen- Time’s up! #WFCD I want to thank Fernanda Romano's time given!I’ve enjoy it a lot! And Thank you all for taking part in! See u in the next one!

Sophia Thomas- Thank you for an awesome Interview Fernanda!! And thank you once again for making this possible Adwomen and WFCD!! #WFCD

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