A report prepared by Milward Brown consulting reveals that Edesa's last campaign, "Edesa Kitchen Dance", increased brand visibility and reached the memory index of 64%.

And you, who are you? The campaign's slogan reflects brands intentions: represent itself through music and dance, which is a way of personal expression. Four styles make up the campaign: pop, romantic, sport and metallic.




Each video targets specific kind of person and the brand wants to update the collections from time to time.

What decides that the campaign gets along with its target: women?

As we can see in the credits of the campaign (at the bottom of the text) the influence of feminine thinking in the creative process was very little, so it seems that Wonderland's contributors put themselves mentally in housewives' position.

House works are usually tedious and boring, and modern housewives rarely spend their entire time on cleaning and cooking. Maybe relating electrical appliances to an atmosphere of fun and relax is what made this spot connect with the new type of housewives?

Nowadays house is no longer just and only a space to live, but it's a place where to have a good time. Edesa knew perfectly how to make the best profit of this aspect and how to present it in the campaign.

Edesa makes a step forward, and this way obliges other brands to approach women in a similar way- taking into consideration new ways of doing things.

An interesting report by Sarah Moore and Betsy Westhoff explains that the marketing which helps consumers understand how to enjoy brands at home is the one that will focus the attention.

However Edesa should rethink if its target public keep on being only women or could it be singles as well.
Full Credits

Advertiser: Fagor electrodomésticos
Product: relanzamiento Edesa
Agency: Wonderland
Creative Director: Santiago López
Art Director: Esteve Bou Nolla
Agency Producer: Gustavo González
Production company: Lee Films
Producer: Yago Carvajal
Piece: spots TV 20″ y 10″
Title: “Romantic”, “Metallic, “Sport”, “Pop”

Source: MarketingNews, Anuncios.com.

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