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Do you have a “Super mom”?

Francois Brune says in his book “Le Bonheur conforme. Essai sur la normalisation publicitaire” that women tend to think that their houses are an extension of their personality: stains are an obsession, they want to have everything cleaned and perfection is a must. These facts lead to the abusive use of detergents and soaps. In conclusion, companies pushed their way into the exploration of this perception.  An example is “TIDE” with “Super moms” in Romania. Mothers have some great powers; they can make things better and everything possible. In Romania every woman wants her house to be cleaned. If you go in a supermarket you can see that there are a lot of shelves full of detergents of any kind.

Another example for this obsession is “Dero Surf” which lanced on the Romanian market two years ago a detergent with a CD in it. That CD contained Romanian songs from the 80’s and 90’s. I remember that one time I had 3 or 4 CDs at home. Also,”Dero” made a detergent with some fabric softener and the sales are still growing. Furthermore, “ACE” also put on the Romanian market many types of bleaches with different fragrances. There are a lot of products of this type on the Romanian market. So, yes women are obsessed with cleaning. But the question is: Who created this perception? Romanians are guilty for these perceptions, because we accepted these stereotypes.

I would like to see a “Super dad” in Romania who does all the work in the house and in the same time takes care of the babies. It is so easy to see a woman in this posture of a “Super mom” because all the worries are left aside. It brings a smile on your face and you start to think: Yes, I have also a “Super mom”! What Romanians should do is to reflect on this position and be in HER place.

Osho was an Indian disciple. In his book “The book of woman” he mentions that woman must not be seen as the one who takes care of the household. In this way she loses her identity and she is seen only as an object. Romanian women have been labeled as the “Super moms”, “Super wives” or “Super maids” (too much, maybe) for centuries. Why nowadays things have to remain the same? Have you asked yourself if that mom doesn’t want to feel “Super”? Isn’t she tired of this label? Shouldn’t she have some time for her own, away from stains, away from dishes, away from dusting? Why do we keep on putting the woman in these pictures?

All in all, the process of cleaning is like a stereotypical drama for all the Romanian families, because it is inconceivable to love your mother or your wife unless she cleans the entire house.

The campaign TIDE “Super moms” was rolled on by Leo Burnett Bucharest. The Director of strategy was Elena Ionita. The campaign won a Bronze Effie in 2008 and was implemented in other 8 countries from Europe. The team was formed of:

Elena Ionita – Strategic Planner

Miruna Antonescu -Junior Strategic Planner

Monica Roca -Junior Brand Communication Executive

Claudia Maxim-Brand Communication Manager Balkans

Oana Niculescu – Brand Communication Director Balkans

Dana Cristea – Copywriter

Smaranda Nemethi – Art Director

Emilian Arsenoaiei – Co-Creative Director

Sorin Deleanu, A/V Production Manager. (via – )



The promotion of the product continued with a Club for “Super moms” where they could share tips and tricks. In order to supplement the idea, there were created “Super babies”, . The meetings between moms were in the form of congresses where Romanian celebrities were present, altogether with specialists. Specialists offered a lot of pieces of advice about children and women.

What’s more it is the fact that TIDE made a contest for the Romanian children to draw their own “Super mom”. This meant that the perception of “Super mom” was still transmitted to 1000 Romanian children who participated in the contest.


Despite the awards, the reactions in the Romanian blogosphere were not only positive. Many bloggers said that the only thing they kept  in mind was “Super moms”. After viewing the commercial they forgot the purpose of it: “what product?” The awareness was great but the identification with the brand name wasn’t so high.

There was an extra use of this concept: “Super moms”, because it entered in the daily Romanian language.

Diana Munteanu

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