Computing arrived suddenly in our lives and men were the first one to approach it and to become computer savvy.

Throughout years, the idea that new technologies are reserved for men, has been strengthened, even though… there have always been tech-wise women, as skilful as men.

Nowadays, it does not depend on the interest, but rather on the necessity to use mobile phones, PDAs, computers… But computing keeps on being cold and boring for many women.


Dell wants to convince us that computers can be appealing, fun and easier to use than we think. The new web, Della, is user friendly, has warm appearance and offers information aimed to women: an online shop or a social cause support, for example.

cancerDell is committed with the fight against the breast cancer and anyone can participate by buying a laptop from the limited edition Promise Pink.

Tips, suggestions, testimonies, help… women are not a mystery for Dell. However, the new web collects little information and, despite it was thought to be a community, the participation is still very limited.

If we assume that computers work the same way, both for women and men, there can come up a doubt if it's necessary to create this kind of communities. Do women really need them?

Resource: Entretodas.

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