It’s an ad for the brand of clothing Saga Falabella in Peru. It shows several women in different situations. Each one shows a fear of change, but they decide to confront their fears, they decide to beat the wolf within.

Also the music of the ad is the Four Seasons of Vivaldi that it accompanying very well to the emotions narrated. First start with shyness and then emerge with rhythmic strength accompanying feelings that they want to show.

A very good ad, it gives us strength and courage because when fear paralyzes us, it steal us of opportunities, the time, in short words, the life.

What do they want transmit us with this ad? We believe that there are subliminal messages, they can make us think about using this advertising to reach today’s woman, courageous and determined, she fight for change. On the contrary we also can mean: change, buying a dress today, tomorrow another, dare. Or you change of store and come to buying to us, change your look. It presents a “perfect” woman who is faced with success to various circumstances of life, which also she uses clothes of the brand Saga Falabella. Is this the motive for that she have more security?

Very good spot, excellent reflection of our behavior.


Technical Sheet:

Product: SAGA
Reason: MIEDOS
Format: 35mm.
Advertising Agency: LEO BURNETT
Creative Director: Juan Carlos Gomez de la Torre
Copywriter: J.C. Gómez de la Torre / Daniela Nicholson / Sandra Villareal
Account Team: Lorena Bodero / Patricia Kudaka / Lucas Chávez-Alcorta.
House Director: FATFREEFILMS
Art Director: César Martínez Edo / Sandro Angobaldo / Daniel Higashiona
Executive Producer: ALEJANDRO NORIEGA
Camp Producer: IMABRI PRODUCCIONES – Cecilia Castillo
Agency Producer: Daniel Ramírez-Gastón
House of Post Production: CETRES – Mario Chocano / Bruno Renzo / Henry Gates
House of audio: Ruidos Amaestrados

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