The book ‘La creatividad es contagiosa’ (‘The creativity is contagious’) by Hilda Cañeque, talks about how to apply creativity to work. The main target are directors, businessmen and businesswomen, but also it’s very useful for account executives, planners and creatives
In this book, the author defines the creative process and the fundamental rules to promote it. To love yourself and to practice continuosly have a decisive role. Then, she considers the attitudes and personnal and organizational mechanisms in order to produce innovation and change. Later, she develops some essential creative competences, above all for this uncertainty time.

Hilda Cañeque has played a great role because of her contribution in creativity, game and leadership fields. She is lecturer, director and coordinator of workshops and business consultant. Also, she has written another five books about topics of her speciality.
La creatividad es contagiosa. Alta creatividad. Guía teórico-práctica para producir la innovación y el cambio – Hilda Cañeque – Buenos Aires: Pearson, 2008 (278 pages with examples and bibliography).
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