While searching for the fresh perspectives on a women's role in advertising we have found this document:

It's elaborated by the Ministry of Work and Welfare (the Spanish one) in the cooperation with the Secretary of Equality and Women's Institute in Spain.

Even though it's brief and too overloaded with graphics, it analyzes quite well the advertising profile when it comes to seducing consumers.

What it says, is that the health is nowadays a consumer's good and thanks to great variety of ¨easy and instant-use¨ products one can face all kinds of situations.

What's curious, this scheme works the same with men (with the exception of well known advertising protagonists: femme fatal, Lolita, woman-sexual gratis that comes with a product).

I think that this document should pass through advertising agencies so that we could rise the awareness, that what we do is not just a mere creative game but a problem that needs to be solved. It's a high time to start looking for new values and new creative formulas. We have to create responsible habits and to avoid hurting people's feelings.

It is really a great challenge for the advertising of this century.


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