The Indonesian agency Lowe Jakarta has used copys full of lyricism in its campaign for Rexona, some copys with a sensibility not very common in the texts of men-targeted deodorants.They aren’t only focused on the other sex, but also they talk about friendship, as one of their worries. This is the vision that a completely women’s creative team, except for his Executive Creative Director, has offered about female teen’s motivations.
I would like to enhance some values showed in this campaign, created in the biggest Muslim nation of the world. They could perfectly work in places as France, Australia or The United States. Many times we think the West and the East are very different, but, as we see, the common people’s motivations can be more similar that we usually think.“32,
Those are the amount of Annie's freckles whom I've just met. A strange coincidence indeed… those are also the amount of her ex-boyfriends.
Dare to be closer. Rexona Teens.”

“I have never seen eyes as beautiful as his. I noticed his pupils enlarging, the moment I held out my hand. I know now, that he likes me too.
Dare to be closer. Rexona Teens.””

“I’m Malicca. She said. Her ear resembles a question mark. Somehow I knew that she will be a good friend and help me find the answers in my life.
Dare to be closer. Rexona Teens.”

Creative Team
Advertising agency: Lowe Jakarta, Indonesia
Executive Creative Director: Din Sumedi
Creative director: Hanny Shinta
Art director: Stephani Pribangun
Copywriter: Wury Handayani
Photographer: Mike Ting
Retoucher: Abun
Agency Producer: Haning Mila
Published: Agosto 2008
Resource: Ads of the world

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