Condé Nast has launched the Influencer Network that consists in an exclusive group completed with the most influential fashion women selected by Vogue. In this platform for advertisers, 1.000 influential women share their opinions about fashion, beauty, events and hundreds of products.

Susan Plagemann, VP and publisher at Vogue says: “There are a lot of people who are self-appointed experts,”. Besides, Ms Plagemann claims: “The biggest difference is, we’re developing a program of ambassadors who spread the word digitally across a very big network about the access that’s been given because of Vogue.”

Mayority of the selected women are bloggers passionate about fashion and Vogue.

Plagemann says: “More than eight marketers have used the network since it launched early this year, word of mouth has become one of the biggest influencers, along with advertising, in terms of driving purchase.” and she adds: “Vogue’s marketing team devised the criteria to identify individuals who are the highest caliber of people in this sphere of influence.”

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