The 10th of February, from 16.00 to 17.00 pm Eastern Time, Colleen DeCourcy was answering to our twitter's followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you!

Hope you enjoy it…

Sophia Thomas (@Sophiia_Thomaas)– What is the most inspiring experience that you have had during your career? #WFCD

Colleen DeCourcy (@DeCourcy)– I think it was taking wade davis to Cop15. We did a real-time transmedia documentary for Nissan. Inspiring. #WFCD

WFCD (@WFCD)– Hi @DeCourcy, you’re the founder of @Socialistic’s a new company. How is it going? #WFCD

DeCourcy- Good. It’s nice to start something the way it’s meant to be instead of trying to change manage something #WFCD

Jackie Ng (@jacoutofthebox)- First of all, congrats for Socialistic. Is it focused on social technologies… Or are you planning to go hybrid…? #WFCD

DeCourcy- Thanks. Focused on all technologies that can ride across the social graph. We say “the design of shared experience” #WFCD

Rafik OOOO (@RafikB)- How can agencies charge for and prosper from non-media/ad related ideas? #wfcd

DeCourcy- We have to start charging for IP. Products that extend a brand into the digital space. We also need to charge for content #WFCD

Jackie Ng- There are talks of the “interest graph” evolving from the social graph What’s your POV? #WFCD

DeCourcy– Interest graph makes a ton of sense. Sometimes I don’t want to hear everything someone says just what I care about. #WFCD

Cindy Clifford (@DotDraper)– With so much SM still so new, how much is gut and how much is guess? And where do you turn for definitive answers, Ms. DeCourcy?

DeCourcy– I think it’s practice and gut…like all good communication. You need to know the rules but being compelling is all gut. for definitive answers I turn to my peers and I do hands on experiments with my own feed. I watch for success. #WFCD

Sophia Thomas– What (positive/negative) characteristics of graduates entering into the advertising industry standout to you the most? #WFCD

DeCourcy- Positive. They grow up with digital and social and they’re ambitious and motivated and self-directed. Negative. They don’t understand a two-way conversation. Sometimes. Not always. They also want really fast results. #WFCD

Jackie Ng- Shared/Socia experiences not equal bgroup think or dummy thinking -> Facebook cred score=popularity #WFCD

DeCourcy- It’s about the development of a personal CPM I think. It’s interesting. StackOverflow has it, I’m sure Quora will too #WFCD
Cindy Clifford- Is a mix of SM always most effective or is there one that could succeed alone? #WFCD

DeCourcy- FB has best singular reach. Twitter less if you don’t have a lot of followers. Blogging can be tree falling in forest #WFCD

Jackie Ng- Have to run… Thank you so much Colleen for the conversation + insights. Good luck and have LOTS of fun with Socialistic!! #WFCD

DeCourcy– Thanks a ton. #WFCD

AdWomen– Time’s up! Thank you all to take part in! And Colleen thank you so much for letting us share this hour with you! #WFCD

DeCourcy– Thank you AdWomen for this experience. I’m so pleased to see someone giving a shout-out to all of us who work in the space. #WFCD

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