Clean & Clear, the brand of facial products that belongs to Johnson & Johnson and directs its cosmetics to teenage girls, created a soap opera starred by two girls, who compete to attend the premiere of Hannah Montana movie. The winner will go with Celia and Clhöe (the main characters of the soap opera) to London, on the 23th of April.


The soap opera can be watched through YouTube. It shows how these two youngsters are up to do anything to attend the premiere. Celia is determined to make of her best friend (Chlöe) a celebrity, so they can attend the premiere. The task is not easy, as Chlöe is not very outgoing, and her shyness and clumsiness impede their great plan.

The winner of the competition not only will travel to London, but she and her best friend could take part in the last episode of the series. Until now, there are 6 episodes launched in YouTube.

The campaign, launched exclusively in the Internet, was created for Spain, Greece, Portugal, UK, Russia, South Africa and Hungary. The brand has decided to use online supports, as YouTube and a special minisite, in order to reach its target: girls at the stage of blossoming adolescence, worried about their outlook and facial skin care.

These girls belong to the technology savvy generation, keen on cutting edge tech solutions. Therefore, the choice of media vehicle was very good.

Let's analyze Celia and Chlöe:

  1. Celia is outgoing and Chlöe is shy.
  2. Both of them are slim and good-looking. It seems that they don't really need the facial care products.
  3. They don't mention their school neither high school at any moment.
  4. They do what they want without the supervision of an adult.
  5. They want to become famous by converting themselves into: models, sport-women, DJs, painters, singers or dancers.

hannahmontanaReaching the premiere of Hannah Montana movie keeps on being the first and foremost goal for both girls, throughout the entire plot. This film tells the story of a girl who successfully combines the life of a mediocre teenage with the fascinating life of a superstar.

Both stories, the one of Celia & Chlöe and the one of Hannah Montana, invite girls to dream, that they are famous and live the life full of luxury and endless fun. It is a beautiful dream that rarely comes true, and even if it does, it's often not as beautiful as imagined.

An effective medium, a spellbinding soap opera and an appealing prize-it's a strategy that have all the attributes necessary to succeed, but may result not suitable for young people, at the age marked by doubts, contradictory emotions, identity search and happy-go-lucky ideas.

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