We Try Harder: Technology vs. Ideals

we try harder

“We try harder”. Does it ring a bell? Back in 1963 Avis the rental car company adopted this slogan in an effort to make a positive reference to Avis as the second largest rental car company in the US. A direct competitor to Hertz, it remains to this day one of the longest-lasting taglines in […]

“And you, why do you read?” creativity made by Marie-Laure Cliquennois

Brand: Filigranes Agency: Air, Brussels, Belgium Creative Directors: Grégory Ginterdaele and  Marie-Laure Cliquennois Art Director: Antoinette Ribas Copywriter: Philippe Fass Artist: Isaac Salazar Photographer: Marc Paeps Retouching: Yelle@livingroom.be Graphic Designer: Clara Climent Published: December 2011 Aaaah! Wow! HaHaHa! Snif

Disney’s Heroines

We’ve found an incredible work mabe by the graphic designer Jirka Vinse who has inspired by Disney’s characters. An original work where come out “Disney’s heroines“. Of course, all are women ;). We want to show you some of these pieces. In our opinion,  these are absolutely wonderful. Everybody knows  the Disney’s classics but thanks […]

Unique artworks handmade by Paola Mirai

Paola Mirai is an Italian designer who makes original creations. These spectacular designs show the innovation and originality of its creator. Example of this creativity is “Cirkùita jewel”. As Paola tell us on her website, this comes from an old tecnological device that Paola Mirai opened and re-interpreted as a source of contemporary beauty. Now, […]

Special packaging so as to raise Breast Cancer Awareness

The Danish bread company Kohberg has launched an original and creative packaging so as to support the fight against  breast cancer. The company will donate to Danish Cancer Society  part of the revenue generated from the sales of their bread buns. With this action, Kohberg has got attract our attention!.

The first AdWoman

I started wondering last night who she was. Every day we read interviews and get the latest news about talented AdWomen so we keep updated. But what happened to the early ones? Keeping up to date also means knowing the facts from days gone by. We already know the big names for Ad Men: David […]

Before going off on an adventure

Sometimes when boredom takes over, there is little you can do. Or so they say. Whoever “they” may be (my guess are people with little imagination). But in this day and age, we have become so greatly preoccupied by The Almighty Internet that boredom frequents the back seat. There are places to go and fun […]

Women, chocolate and advertising

Women love chocolate, chocolate loves advertising and advertising loves women. It is a chain like all chains of love. Why women love chocolates? Because we love feelings and chocolate brings sensations, be it white, dark, milk chocolate, in a box, with a card and the best for me, in brownie shapes. I know only a […]

Lady Gaga’s new video “You and I”. So creative…

Lady Gaga present her new video for her song “You and I”. Once again, Lady Gaga goes nuts! The artist shows differents faces and characters, making her fans feel they will never know what to expect! Imposible dressings and science fiction make up, showing Lady Gaga as a black widow, cyborg or mermaid. Also it […]