Theatre to sell ideas

I attended to a workshop of the Club de Creativos (a creative’s club in Spain), there was only one other Accounts woman, it surprised me, because the workshop was called Theatre to sell ideas, and most of our job is selling creative’s ideas. This workshop was about creativity and also about working in a range […]

Tell Me More, Episode 3: A communications expert explains why good design is good business

New York, NY, August 22, 2011.Manhattan based design and branding firm Thinkso Creative features strategic communications and marketing maven Elizabeth Howard in the third episode of the Tell Me More interview series. As the founding partner of Broadbridge International Group, Ltd., Elizabeth provides pragmatic business solutions to her many clients, including professional service firms, multinational […]

After 17 years, a new look and a new outlook for Expeditionary Learning

Manhattan-based design and branding firm Thinkso Creative presents the second episode of the Tell Me More interview series, featuring Lili Brown, the Chief Advancement Officer for Expeditionary Learning. “Someone said we were the best school reform organization that no one knew about,” she says, explaining the impetus for rebranding after 17 years. The new identity […]

Mum, I got a job in an agency

I was about to finish my article for WFCD when I realized that I was talking about the same advices that Creative Directors usually give to people but using different words. Wait a second…I’m not yet a WFCD! So I should probably tell people what is happening in the journey to become one. Therefore, I […]

Women to Watch with Laura Desmond, Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Is for sure that a “glass ceiling” still exists in the West. Women are responsible for the majority household purchases, but companies with targeted women products still leaded by men. But what about China? Getting to know about this issue better, this week on Thoughtful China, Laura Desmond, CEO of Starcom MediaVest and one of the […]

Thinkso launches an all-female interview series titled “Tell Me More”

Thinkso Creative, a Manhattan based design and branding firm, has launched an interview series called Tell Me More. Each video features a female entrepreneur or maketing professional explaining how they use design to invigorate their professional and personal brands. The series covers a wide range of topics, from the struggles of launching a new business […]

British ASA bans L’Oreal campaigns

The main aim of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is ensure that the majority of ads are honest and truthful, and of course, that advertising industry obey with legality. Following these premises, British ASA has decided to ban a Maybelline campaign featuring Christy Turlington and a Lancome ad starring Julia Roberts for using too much […]

Condé Nast Influencer Network

Condé Nast has launched the Influencer Network that consists in an exclusive group completed with the most influential fashion women selected by Vogue. In this platform for advertisers, 1.000 influential women share their opinions about fashion, beauty, events and hundreds of products. Susan Plagemann, VP and publisher at Vogue says: “There are a lot of people […]

Alison Lewis, new Head of Marketing at Coca-Cola

Alison Lewis will be the new head of  Integrated Marketing at Coca-Cola. Ms Lewis will administers over $2 billion and she will lead a team of 125 people in the following areas: marketing communications, multicultural marketing, consumer and shopper insights, and marketing productivity and capability. Before she joined Coca-Cola, Ms. Lewis was 6 years in […]

Twitter is a feminine social networking

HubSpot, the all-in-one marketing software platform for businesses, had done a case studie about the popular social networking and microblogging Twitter, where we can read the following meaningful figures: -Men have an average of 643 followers whereas women have 1.717 followers. –Women spend about 496 days on Twitter and men 502 days. -Men write about […]