We Try Harder: Technology vs. Ideals

we try harder

“We try harder”. Does it ring a bell? Back in 1963 Avis the rental car company adopted this slogan in an effort to make a positive reference to Avis as the second largest rental car company in the US. A direct competitor to Hertz, it remains to this day one of the longest-lasting taglines in […]

“And you, why do you read?” creativity made by Marie-Laure Cliquennois

Brand: Filigranes Agency: Air, Brussels, Belgium Creative Directors: Grégory Ginterdaele and  Marie-Laure Cliquennois Art Director: Antoinette Ribas Copywriter: Philippe Fass Artist: Isaac Salazar Photographer: Marc Paeps Retouching: Yelle@livingroom.be Graphic Designer: Clara Climent Published: December 2011 Aaaah! Wow! HaHaHa! Snif

“Don’t look the other way – Acti” creativity made by Nadine Schlichte

Agency: Butter, Berlin/Duesseldorf, Germany Brand: Duesseldorfer Courage (Duesseldorf City Council) Creative Directors: Matthias Eickmeyer, Nadine Schlichte and Reinhard Henke Art Director: Ben Frischen Copywriter: Jette Heistermann Illustrator: Kordula Roeckenhaus Published: December 2011 Laughing Fit Happy Couple Playful Yelp Keys Mislaid Secret Lover

“Even The Biggest Critics Appreciate Big Brands” creativity made by Danielle Lanz

Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland Brand: Oekopool Creative Directors: Markus Ruf and Danielle Lanz Copywriter: Andreas Hornung Art Director: Marcel Schlaefle Photographer: Historical archive Account Supervisor: Kristina Burch Advertiser’s Supervisors: Claudia Gillardon and Kilian Gasser Published: December 2011 Fidel Castro Che Guevara Joschka Fischer

“Emergency Exits” creativity made by Danielle Lanz

Agency: Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland Brand: Lucerne Classical Music Festival Creative Directors: Danielle Lanz and Markus Ruf Copywriter: Maren Beck Art Director: Isabelle Hauser Photographers: Felix Schregenberger and  Philipp Ruault Account Manager: Heike Rindfleisch Account Supervisor: Sabrina Luck Advertiser’s Supervisors: Theresa Twachtmann and Inés Maloigne Published: December 2011

“Tell your story” creativity made by Stefania Siani

Agency: BBDO, Milan, Italy Brand: Oxydo Executive Creative Directors: Federico Pepe and Stefania Siani Copywriter: Luca Bartoli Art Director: Vittorio Perotti Photography: Francesco Van Straten Post Production: Davide Calluori

“Great Ideas Can’t Hide” creativity made by Jennifer Hohn

Brand: Denver Ad Club Agency: Burns Marketing / Vladimir Jones, Colorado, USA Creative Directors: Jennifer Hohn and Ryan Johnson Art Directors: Jennifer Hohn, Burns Marketing Copywriters: Ryan Johnson, Vladimir Jones Illustrators: Debbie Clapper, Gneural Photographer: Bryce Boyer / Bryce Boyer Photography Photo Retouching: XYZ Graphics Make-up Artist: Katelyn Simkins Wardrobe Stylist: Jamie Barkley Actors: Radical […]

“Outrageous” creativity made by Sue Anderson

Brand: Absolute Vodka Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, USA Chairman & Chief Creative Officer: Mark Figliulo Creative Director: Sue Anderson Creative Director / Art Director: Hoj Jomehri Art Director: Brantley Barefoot Copywriter: Jim Therkalsen Head of Production: Robert Valdez Director of Art Production: Teresa Rad Photographer: David LaChapelle Retoucher: Stella Digital Published: October 27, 2011