In the history of mankind, man has always have a handicap to understand what women really want to mean. Manslater grew from this idea, a word translator subtle mind of man is not prepared to interpret, without bitterness. But unfortunately for both men and women, it’s not a real product, it’s just a viral video that spreads on YouTube.

As you can see in this ad, would be a product that will avoid many discussions and misunderstandings. Let’s see if technology can make this happen. Let’s pointed out as future direction for 2011.

This year, viral campaings have become fashionable, especially designed for social media. One of the most popular has been the line of Old Spice personal hygiene, and has been one of the 10 most-watched viral videos of the year. The campaign also interact with users, generating coverage on TV, and also increased by 107% in sales, according to data released by Nielsen.

With these examples of success, 2011 looks exciting!

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