Do you want to get fit and reduce cellulite in four weeks? The HC BCN agency has created the first virtual camp that helps to fight the skin orange through a online personalized treatment.

This virtual community was created for the launch of Thiomucase extreme areas, an anti-cellulite stick developed by Almirall, spanish pharmaceutical company.

The camp called ‘Thiomucase Training Camp‘ and it is based on an emergency plan of 28 days, divided into four weeks. During this period, each participant has to follow some practical advice on nutrition and exercise to achieve their goals. There is a director, which encourages participants, a personal trainer, physical targets proposed an exercise routine, and a nutritionist in charge of providing a weekly plan with recipes and tips for a healthy diet.

Each user has the option of having a weekly evaluation. And also they have the opportunity to get gifts like a camp t-shirt, a Wii fi Plus or a batch of full-year Thiomucase

The plan began in May and has made known to consumers through promotional materials at point of sale and online activities such as emailing, female promotions via blogs and social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

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