In 2006 Calzedonia shocked the Italians with a spot that now has come to Spain where he is not going unnoticed, because if something is good, is good always. The good ideas are timeless.

In the ad shows images of the most significant moments of a woman as her first ballet performance, a job interview or her wedding. In all moments Calzedonia is present.


It is an original ad that manages to sensitize women with the mix of endearing images and the beautiful song ‘She’s Always a Woman’ by Bill Joel, bringing the ad to the infinitum.

The ad ends with the image of the pregnant woman with her husband and a sentence that says ‘We hope that will be a girl’

In several forums the ad has been criticized as sexist. But as a woman said in female forum ‘if Gillette had made the ad, they wanted it will be a boy. And this wouldn’t be because the girls don’t use blades of the mark to shave, only because the potential audience are men. In this case, Calzedonia expected to be a girl because her potencial client are women and it prefer to be born more girls to can sell more products.

Another woman commented in the same foro that Calzedonia sell products for both women and men, but there are more products for women, and she said that the spot is most striking with a female as a protagonist. Or would it be like if the protagonist was a boy-boy-man changing his socks over the ad?

We shouldn’t insist more with the topic, or we should not exaggerate, because the aim of Calzedonia is reaching to women, sell them their products, and hope that there are more women in the world to continue to sell even more. Like all brands, it has the aims of reach to the audience and sell. Simply that.

To us it seems that the ad is a great work that it reaching our hearts.

In 2009 Calzedonia was made another ad in Italy, entitled ‘The future is pink’ where women in stockings and pantyhose enjoy of the relax and leisure moments. And ending with a nice dedicatora: ‘To Italy, Victoria, Laura and all the other’. But this ad was censored because the music was the national anthem, changing ‘fratelli’ to ‘sorelle’ (sisters)

The more conservative Italians don’t consider it appropriate to use that way, ‘a piece of Italian history’. Usually very few women have objected to the notice and claim that it was time to end with the sexism, starting with the anthem”. The young people, meanwhile, believe that the version of “Inno di Mameli” gives a new air without violating any law or offend anyone.

The reaction of the Berlusconi government we have known through Maurizio Gasparri, LDP party president:” We should avoid the mixing of the business with the anthem of Italy, which must always be respected “. Moreover, Angelo Vaccarezza, president of the province of Savona and defender of national symbols said: With ‘il canto degli italiani’ not played. And of course, much less put abackground for an advertisement for stockings. It is a disgrace. ”

Calzedonia has gained, because their advertising campaign has seen worldwide. For better or for worse but all the media have talked about it.

We leave you here so you can see it, because despite being censored, it’s a good work.

Agency: Saatchi&Saatchi

Director: Luca Lucini

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