Creative Agency: Adam & Eve
Creative Team: Emer Stamp and Ben Tollett
Clients: Simon King and Steve Jones
Director: Simon Willows
The Brief: To reinvigorate a classic heritage brand

I remember parties when I was a child, where Cadburys Chocolate Fingers were a staple item on the food table. For young and old alike they were always a party treat, and fondly associated with celebration and joy. But as times have changed, children no longer look excitedly for Cadburys Fingers at the party table. This campaigns strategy made by Adam & Eve with Emer Stamp and Ben Tollett as their creative team, focuses on reminding people that Chocolate Fingers are perfectly suited for every celebration, for every gathering, and for every moment of excitement we share. This advert shows anthropomorphised chocolate fingers as protagonists evoking scenes from the greatest achievements in the history of man, to scenes of enjoyment with which we are all familiar.

Such as: –

• Hillary and Tensing’s conquering of Everest.

• The first steps on the Moon.

• Torvill and Dean’s ice-dancing perfection.

And then a climax of the headlining acts at Glastonbury.

Creative Team Emer Stamp and Ben Tollett also produced Genius’s gluten-free bread advert/campaign

Product: Genius Gluten-free bread
Client: Gervase Cottom Chief Executive, Genius
Brief: To launch Genius Gluten-free bread
Agency: Adam & Eve
Director: Neil Harris

Katrina Davies

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