The Chicken burgers have always been one of the most popular choices among women, while men reject the chicken and they choose the traditional hamburger meat.

The chicken breast of grilled is an old friend for women. They know its virtues, its tenderness, its good taste. So when Burger King decided launch to market the new Chicken Tendergrill, it sought an all-female team for the next challenge: Presenting the new Chicken Tendergrill to the male society.

Research was long and it had a positives results, they achieved know how would be the perfect ad for that to guys will like the chicken.

When this group of nine women (director, copy, creative director, producer …) decided to launch the Tendergrill Chicken to male market , it asked itself: What do the men want in the commercial of the new Chicken Trendegrill? And this was the question that was launched into the street. The men answered things fun and full of imagination, such as: explosions, barbarians, ninjas …

With the answers was made the commercial, and the comercial was made campaign. The result is an original and fun campaign. Especially we like because it laughs with affection of the male clichés, of the typical things that they like men.

To tell the world how to sell a Tendergrill Chicken to men have used various media such as TV ads, radio spots, outdoor advertising, graphics and even a website where you can find all the material of the project (making of, equipment, interviews)

We want to give the congratulations to this group of women chosen by Burger King, for this work carried out full of good humor and sympathy. The new Tendergrill Chicken could have been made in different ways, but none as funny and original as this.


Tanya Michaels (Director)
Karen Egan (Producer)
Nika Hellstrom (Creative)
Claire Thwaites (Sound technician)
Irene Nomdedeu (Account supervisor)
Sol Torres (Spain marketing impact coordinator)
Jenny Svantesson (Stylist)
Zoe Whittaker (Playback)
Lesley Sendall (Home economist)





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