Is there a prototype car for women? I hope not. I refuse to think that my brain works like that of more than half the world population. What a bore! What is certain is that we have … certain preferences. Like them.

In general, we like the cars practical, safe, sleek but not too ostentatious and, above all, comfortable. That does not mean we settle for any small car while they enjoy a Ferrari. Practical yes, dumb no.

Leaving aside preferences, this reflection arises in connection with the call that Mini has launched into cyberspace to be commended for its 50th anniversary and, incidentally, give several awards for best creations. The firm has always been a favourite for many women for its cosmopolitan character and its particular aesthetics. Therefore, women’s vision can be a good tool to win this contest of graphic design. The aim is to reinterpret the concept of “50th Anniversary” design a wallpaper for the Mini Web Space. The winner  will take an Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro

You can find the bases, all information and other prizes:


You have until Dec. 15 to use your feminine wiles. Good luck!


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