After the celebration of the World Cancer Day, Adwomen wanted to join the cause by creating a Facebook page named Breast Cancer Best Advertising for collecting the best ads made on this disease.

This video is one of the campaigns with more impact done by Pink Ribbon Magazine 2010 with the slogan: “Together we’re stronger”.

In addition to this fantastic Pink Ribbon released video images with messages such as “Women Create More Than breast cancer can destroy.”

bebe pinkribbon_print_create_eng1 Mujer una teta pinkribbon_print_survived_eng3 10 años pinkribbon_print_alive-kicking_eng6.preview

Rethink wants it to show a different social view with it’s “Save the Boobs!”. Wanted to engage men in this case, sending the message: “I know … You like them … Now It’s time … to save the Boobs!”

From Adwomen want to know which campaigns have most excited you. We would like to have your help to make a recompilation and vote for the best campaign in support of the World Cancer Day! Come to Breast Cancer Best Advertising, and share with us the campaigns and vote for your favorite!

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