Sometimes when boredom takes over, there is little you can do. Or so they say. Whoever “they” may be (my guess are people with little imagination). But in this day and age, we have become so greatly preoccupied by The Almighty Internet that boredom frequents the back seat. There are places to go and fun to be had at your trusty old desk at home, at a table in a cafe, or in a dusty booth in the library.

But what happens when you need to physically go elsewhere for your adventures?

If you are heading there by motorcycle, this kid is your sensei:

If you are going by car, this family knows best (arm yourself with tissues first):

If you are getting there on foot: god speed.

Yeah, this talk of boredom was all a trick to introduce or reintroduce you to two pretty powerful commercials on road safety. Public service announcements that force you to put your life on pause and think about your actions are a rarity in Chicago (and quite possibly elsewhere). So I was quite delighted to come across such creatively executed messages.

The blood and gore we are so accustomed to seeing in road safety ads are replaced with imaginary vehicles, lovable characters, and lots of glitter. Instead, we get two heartstring-tugging stories that center on family impact—not just the physical repercussions. And when you combine those charming elements together (with really good music) you create an advertisement people can relate to. You create magic (the word that stands for “really good stuff that wins hearts and awards…but mostly hearts”).

Cheers to The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership/Alexander Commercials team.

Jie li (Amy) Mei

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