‘Because being different makes us unique’ this is how ends ‘Dolls’, the Pavofrío commercial of this summer, brand  of Campofrio group, a Spanish company leader of meat products in Europe and one of the five most important of the sector in the world.

With this commercial Pavofrío wishes to pay homage to women who every day are given to the many facets of their life: maternity, couple, friendship, work … This brand is intended to make us feel unique.

Juana Manso, Marketing Director of Campofrío said “This ad pays tribute to these invisible women of  each day, who are working, sharing and who are the responsible to transmit values and principles as well as tenderness patience and optimistic, to their immediate environment “

The protagonist is a dreamer woman who works in a doll factory. She is bored of all the dolls are the same, decides to take one to transform it in her house. And she gets to reflect in the doll all the roles that women play in their enviroment. Then, put back  into the production process of the factory.

McCann Erickson is the creator agency of this ad where the product goes almost unnoticed to give prominence to a beautiful story that has touched the hearts of all women, because we all like to feel unique.

Pavofrío is a brand that always supports to the committed women. It has joined to Yo Dona magazine for the creation of award Yo Dona-Pavofrio, an award that recognizes with 6000 euros the social, familiar or staff work of a nameless woman. The women who want to participate and are a committed women or know a woman who is, they shall send a story recounting her personal experience or the story about the other person, by publicizing their work, whether on a social, family or personal way. Once a month, the most relevant stories will be published in the magazine. A jury composed by women  recognized as committed women, will decide the winning story in 2011.


Agency: McCann Erickson Madrid
Advertiser: Campofrío
Product: Pavofrío of Campofrío
Managing Creative Director: Leandro Raposo
Executives Creatives Directors: Mónica Moro, Pablo Colonnese, Pablo Stricker
Creative Team: Leandro Raposo, Mónica Moro, Pablo Stricker

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