As a woman I have been exposed during the last years to a great number of adverstisings which show different types of women characteristics. One of these campaigns which carried on a great impact in Argentina was “Real Beauty” by Dove. In the same, one could visualize as models women showing more pronounced body curves, normal body weigth, which led to a greater identification by the majority of the female population, One of the objectives of this campaign was to change the type of restrictive models and they have even achieved steps towards the development of the “Dove Foundation to Self-estime”. They not only work directly with girls and mothers, but also to include different organization.  Really a great enterprise!!

However, at the same time we receive this message, the market is still filled with advertisings incuding women with unattainable types of models from common women: slims, tall, outstanding beauty. These “models” appear not only in publicity of cloths, perfumes, cars, but also in adds depicting them as “common housewifes” doing the house chores, playing with the kids, cooking, and looking glamorous and ready for love at any time.

It is my view that there is a great difference even at the subconscious level, trying to impose in the society this type of stereoptype model of women. Many angelina-jolie-y-brad-pitt-1women , even if they don’t recognize it openly, would like to look like Angelina Jolie (and why not able to seduce Brad Pitt!!). Although at the rational level we speak out our tiredness of to the brands that continue to promote these “models”. However, within certain limits, we continue to believe that “normal” beauty is a personal value important for us. In certain circumstances I think that many women feel to a certain degree “similar” to those models, but that this is not the real model that they would project as their own appearance.

For whom we would like to look beautyful? Different surveys/investigations have come to the conclusion that there are two main “target”: a) for men, who will always like nice women, and I personally think that this will not change; b) for the view of other women. Approval of people from the same gender, and besides due a competitive attitude.

Which led us to the conclusion that we still depend on the view of others.

Along history the concept of women’s beauty has change significantly. Just think of the women depicted in paintings in different times of the centuries. Are we ever going to reach a general and permanent concept of beauty? Is it possible to establish this change in society? Will this hypothetical change come from men or can we women be the leaders?

Andrea Pisarev

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Dove’s Commercial

Creative Director: Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk

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