Last Friday, from 4.00 to 5.00 pm Eastern Time, Nancy Vonk was answering to our twitter followers answers in real time. We have put together the interview for you.
Hope you enjoy it…

Ignacio Oreamuno (ihaveanidea)- Do you think that the whole N. French debacle had a permanent impact on women in advertising? #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- It drew attention to the problem, which i find many women aren’t really even thinking about. Solved it? No way.#WFCD

Brett McKenzie (ihaveanidea)– You & Janet are oft described as being motherly & nurturing. Do you think women have an edge on that? Is that even an edge to have?#wfcd

Nancy Vonk- Hate to stereotype but I do think women are naturally more interested in mentoring and teaching. #WFCD

Jackie Ng- Hi Nancy. Did you read “Seducing the Boys Club: Uncensored Tactics from a Woman at the Top?” by Nina DiSesa of McKann-Ericson. #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- Yes, I did a review of it for Ad Age. Lots of good stuff, but didn’t see eye to eye on everything

Jackie Ng- Manipulation or at least playing the game with the boys is a theme in her book. Is it a realistic view of the advertising world?

Nancy Vonk- All communicators are manipulating, but what a negative word. I prefer “persuasion”. And yep that’s what we do.#wfcd

Jackie Ng- You are absolutely right. Manipulative gets women back into stereotypes. #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- I don’t think women should be setting out to behave like men. Key to success is authenticity. #wfcd

Jackie Ng- I do not mean that we should behave like men. Just bring our own unique difference and strengths to the table. The biggest thing that women should work on in the biz is SELF-CONFIDENCE. Our intelligence and creativity will just shine #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- I agree self-confidence is a real problem for women. Tragic! Absolutely. #wfcd

Ignacio Oreamuno (ihaveanidea)- Your most important advice to any female creatives entering the biz? #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- Be assertive. Be authentic. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Don’t take any crap.#wfcd

Tom Ritchie (Ad Buzz)- What area of the world do you feel is most supportive to Women working in high profile Ad gigs? #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- Canada is pretty exceptional. Lots of female CD’s and other female leadership. Progressive. Oh except for the green thing.#wfcd

Brett McKenzie (ihaveanidea)- Some people thought “Evolution” was hypocritical, since “Unilever” also sells products that clearly define beauty differently. Is it the agency’s job to address such an issue with the client, or just to keep making great ads?

Nancy Vonk- I don’t see it that way. “Dove” does what’s right for “Dove”. And that was blessed by the corporation. In our case we just did our job…No one questioned our strategy or the mission. It was celebrated. #wfcd

Beth MacGibbon- Do you think being a woman in the adbiz has hindered or helped your career? #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- Helped more than it’s hurt. Have judged every show on earth for starters. Shortage of female CD’s—silver lining.#wfcd

AdWomen- Diamond Shreddies change the customer perception about the product. It`s a real innovation. Do you think advertising can go beyond the persuasion? #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- Diamond Shreddies was one of my favorite campaigns. So subversive. It was really confusing communication for some. I love cause marketing. Brands can change the world for the better. Love it when we go way beyond selling a product. #wfcd

Diane (Cook-Tench)- What tips do you have for staying in the business while juggling a family? You’ve stayed ahead of most of us. #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- Get divorced. (Kidding. Sort of.) Need the right partner. Put your kid first. That takes creativity. #wfcd

Trevor Gourley- What’s the most unique thing that anyone (especially a student) has ever done to land a job from you? #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- One new grad got a job on the spot after singing a song she composed for us that was really funny. Best kiss up ever.#wfcd

AdWomen- Do you think women understood better “diamond shreddies campaing” than men? #wfcd

Nancy Vonk- Ha! No evidence of that. #wfcd

Adwomen- I want to thanks you for your smart conversation. Thanks to all of you who have been participating here with us.

Nancy Vonk- My pleasure. Thanks for the invitation

If you want to see it in the twitter place come here #WFCD.
Next week more! Are you going to miss it out?

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