“We assume that women are the backbone of our families, but we often ignore the fact that women are the backbone of our middle class.”

In these words the new president of the USA has referred to women during “Women for Obama” event, in July of 2008 in New York.

Historically in the USA there are more women voters than the men ones. Obama is aware of this fact and he decided to run for feminine votes. How? Surrounding himself with women: his wife Michelle, Hillary Clinton, Eva Longoria, Oprah Winfrey and his sister.

The strategy was aimed to indentify Barack with women’s values. During different events “Women for Obama”, women were directing their speeches and actions to women.

Obama’s sister declared in Mexico that Obama is a “dedicated feminist.” His family background has also been very useful for the strategy. His sister talked about how he brought her up and about how is he presently bringing up their two daughters.

Meanwhile, Michelle travelled around the country looking for women in strategic places: hairdressing salons, nurseries, art galleries, etc.

Oprah Winfrey expressed publically her support and the actress Eva Longoria encouraged women to vote for Obama by highlighting his acts of defense of women’s rights, "including reproductive freedom".

The union with Hillary Clinton was not accidental, as he was concious that many white women supported her on her way to the White House. During the event “Women for Obama” in New York, the two politicians aimed their speeches to women representing working class.

Obama's call centres were very well organized and the women where the ones to call women.

The candidate also reserved a separate space for women in the Internet: at Women for Obama they can find everything about the candidate.

And the strategy has succeed: 56% of voting women has chosen Barack Obama.

The president elect has sorround himself with women: Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Susan Rice and Lisa Jackson will form a part of his government.

It's an another step towards change.

Source: Antonio Gutierrez's Blog, El Economista, Las noticias de México, BBC.

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