Grupo Consultores has just published the Yearbook of Best Spanish Advertising Agencies and Kika Samblás, the general director of the group, has been interview by Mujeres y Cia.

Kika says that the number of creative women in agencies is increasing:

“In advertising there are many women, but they mostly work in account departments or are dealing with clients. Every time more women are directors, but in creative departments men are still a majority in Spain, as well as all over the world. There are women that are very good as creatives, but they are very few of them. In the world of advertising women will find many opportunities, and they are equally valued for their skills, but the real challenge is to stand out in the area of creativity”.


As a consumer, women are an interesting target for advertisers, because of their relatively recent incorporation into the labour world. According to Samblás, advertisers pay more attention to age categories than to genders.

Kika Samblás states that there are still some brands that use stereotyped language, because there are still many housewives that do not work professionally. However, this trend is changing, and the brands that do not use stereotypes are the ones that are possibly going to succeed.

Summarizing, Kika points out three most important landmarks:

Source: Mujeres y Cia.

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