This new line of Rexona products is aimed to teenage girls in search of a self identity. ¿Music or Dance?


Identify with one of these styles and find out what you like the most-seems to be the message of this campaign. However, if we visit the web, we find out that, no matter which style you choose, it doesn't make real difference.

Let's see:

  1. The products are the same and they are introduced in the same way.
  2. The downloadable video for your Mp4 is the same one.
  3. The prize you can win is identical
  4. The downloadable calendar and wallpaper are slightly different in design

The only difference between Music Fan and Dance Energy is the web's appearance. Music Fans girls use USB connections and Dance ones a phonograph records and mixing station. But nowadays every teenager uses USB devices, so this design can also be questionable. Wouldn't it be better to use something more related to music, like a phonograph record for Dance?

At first sight, the campaign looks nice. Two kinds of products for two types of girls. Teenage is a stage of life when everything changes really fast and everyone search for its own identity, so differentiation is really important. Therefore, the idea is right. The problem is that this differentiation is not real and a Music girl can easily find that a Dance girl has the same video in her mobile phone. Then the feeling of uniqueness disappears.


Other campaigns

This is not the first time Rexona tries to conquer teenage girls. Previously the brand created "A Boyfriend to Train With". The brand wanted to help girls to control what makes them tense the most: boys.



Rexona knows that the communication with teenage girls has to use the motif of uniqueness, so that the brand plays with concepts commonly considered as relevant: boys, parties, identity…

This explains why it has divided adolescent girls into two groups. It's just a pity that this differentiation is not clear enough.

It is a Gestazion's  campaign.

Resource: Los mejores anuncios de television.

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