This Leo Burnett's idea tries to outsmart the period and make fun of it. Tampax stops women on the street and gives them their "Mother Nature's monthly gift". The reactions are really funny.

This action is much different from the spots we are used to watch. Evax, Ausonia… the brand doesn't matter. It's difficult to find a spot or female model to identify with, among all these models that jump, laugh and dance, while yelling that they are happy being a woman. These spots have been criticized, and it seems not to be easy to advertise this type of products for women, without being drippy or artificial.

The previous Tampax's spots haven't been an exception:

However, this street marketing campaign makes the difference: Tampax approaches women, interacts with them and introduces period as it is, without pretending that it's great when Aunt Irma comes to visit you.

Of course, these products' brands are striving to change their strategies. We could see that Ausonia committed itself to social causes.

Afterall, we are still far from saying that these products understand us.

What can be the problem?


Resources: Estrategias, Ads of the World.

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