Expert in Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Communication. At the present time Founder and President of Koinètica, Partner to promote Social Responsibility in Italy. President of Assocomunicazione's Public Relations Section (Association of the Communication Companies), Counsellor of Fondazione Pubblicità  Progresso, the most important Foundation that promotes Social Communication in Italy, and Manager of FERPI's Intercultural Communication (Italian Federation of Public Relations). Professor of Public Communication at University of Milan. Professor of several training courses organized by public and private universities, enterprises and local authorities. Contributing editor for several trade magazines, especially about social communication.

Cannes Lions is maybe the most important advertising festival and it receives the best ad pieces, doesn't frighten you?

It's an honour to be here representing Italy and I think the Festival is a special occasion-it gives an opportunity to see the most interesting campaigns in the world.
When referring to Communication, there are people who think only in advertising, is Public Relations the "little brother"?

The idea that PR is the little brother of advertising is old and outdated vision. A lot of organization employs PR for their campaigns. Not only because PR is cheaper than advertising but also for its ability to involve consumers. Today, dialogue is very important and for this reason the new theory of Strategic Public Relation is based on symmetrical presuppositions.
It is said that advertising is too demanding for women who want to have a healthy family life. Does this occur in PR?

Yes, it's the same. Working in both - advertising and PR - is demanding. Therefore it's important to balance work and family life.
What could be the percentage of women in a regular PR agency, approximately?

For my experience, in Italy, about 60/70%.
And in the top positions?

Only 20/30%.
In PR (maybe less that in advertising but still) some campaigns you create are aimed exclusively at woman. Which features do you take into account?

I believe that most current issues don't concern women only. For example, childcare involves both men and women. Product and service campaigns should be aimed to all the family members.
Do you think that there are enough target insights done when it come to women-oriented products?

Yes, I think it is very important to consider the female point of view. This kind of approach is normally used in campaigns aimed at woman.
Did you ever need to fight with your colleges over what could possibly work (or not) with female target?

No, I didn't.
Which is, in your opinion, this year best campaign made by women?

An Italian PR campaign about cancer prevention made by Rosanna Dantona.
And the one of product or service for woman?

Lactacyd, because focus is on women's needs
Due to your experience, is there something like a female factor in creativity?

I'd rather call it a "female approach". A winning approach, especially in social campaigns where attention and sensitivity are essential.


To sum up, a brief test:


Your best campaign: "Moto Perpetuo", an educational campaign realized for FIAT in Italy and Brazil

A nowadays campaign that you like the most: Dove

A friend from work: My business partner who created Koinètica with me

One creative female professional: Anna Maria Testa, an important copywriter

An advice for young creatives: Curiosity, responsibility, consistence

A farewell: See you soon in Cannes





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