Last Tuesday, from 4.00 to 5.00 pm Eastern Time, Alessandra Lariu was answering to our twitter’s followers questions in real time. We have transcripted the interview for you!

Hope you enjoy it…

Frank Armero (@RadRagency)– I had a chance to hear your words of wisdom at #AWNY10′ and my question is, “@McCann_NY Summer Internship, I can haz one?” #WFCD

Alessandra Lariu (@Alelariu)- join the list : ) DM me. #WFCD

Sophia Thomas (@Sophiia_Thomaas)- If you could offer one word of advice for women entering into male dominated fields, what would it be? #WFCD

Alessandra Lariu- When you start the industry is not male dominated, so just go for it and let’s talk again after that ; ) But if you really want a advice I would say have no fear, always have a goal and be ruthless about achieving your goal! #WFCD

Sophia Thomas- Muita obrigada 🙂 And congrats on being named one of the 2010 100 most creative people in business! #WFCD

AdWomen (@Adwomen)- Wining awards is the most important thing to grow in the industry? #WFCD

Alessandra Lariu- Awards can be like a lottery, so although they are important don’t let them ‘rule’ you #WFCD

Anna Rose Kerr (@annarosekerr)- Stats say women have a tougher time making it in advertising than other industries, why do you think this is? #WFCD

Alessandra Lariu- Because they believe in stats. I don’t. Just don’t think about how though it’ll be. Just be tough and go for it. #WFCD

Anna Rose Kerr- So it’s a mindset that if women creatives change you think the industry will follow? #WFCD

Jessica Urgo (@UrgNugget)- p.s. Just means a lots of ass kicking to do. #WFCD

Anna Rose Kerr- haha It certainly makes the success of our female colleagues more triumphant. #WFCD

Stephanie Ortenzi (@PistachioWrites)- I would like to see gender stay out of it. Naive, delusional or inspired? #WFCD

Alessandra Lariu- Inspired #WFCD

Anna Rose Kerr- Once I was told another team were hired was because the Creative Director wanted boy creatives to make poo jokes with. That’s not my limitation. #WFCD

AdWomen- Okey, time is up!! Thanks @alelariu.And specially I want to thank all of you that enable this Twitter Interviews. Tomorow Mary Dean!#WFCD

Sophia Thomas- Its an awesome thing you’re doing! Thank you for making these #WFCD Twitter Interviews possible! #YouRock

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