Mrs.K producer is the creator of the promotional campaign of the UEFA Champions League for Al Jazeera Sport, the mean news channel in the Arab world that conveys the football games in the Middle East and North Africa.

Arabs usually prefer to work with men, and in this campaign surprised that the Arabic news channel chose a woman to lead the creative team, Jeanne Kopek. And even more surprising because it is a campaign for a men’s event.

The campaign was completed in just nine weeks. And the result of work with an unmatched ability to capture emotions, has been brilliant. To Al Jazeera really liked the work of Jeanne and her team, in fact being asked to make the next World Cup campaign.

“Throughout the whole project Al Jazeera gave us total creative freedom,” says director Jeanne Kopek. “They loved our originality and trusted us to run all one way. It was an incredible experience from beginning to end.”

In October 2009 the campaign began, culminating in the issuance of the final of the UEFA Cup on May 22 of 2010. The campaign aims to help the audience to see football as more than a sport, find in it a more human and emotional. It has three television commercials that are broadcast across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Each piece contains a great human quality. You can see them here:

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