Who is the creative team made up of? / ¿Quién forma el equipo creativo?

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Keep reading and find out the answer. Would a woman create an advert like this?


Full Credits

Agency: Special, Auckland

Creative Director: Rob Jack, Tony Bradbourne

Art Director: Tony Bradbourne

Photographer: Derek henderson

Copywriter: Rob Jack

Max is one of biggest prêt-a-porter retailers of New Zeland and recently it has opened its online store. It was advertised with this billboard all around the Auckland.

The billboard shows a very sexy woman, whose clothes are appearing little by little, according to the progress in the webpage loading process. The idea is good, but the result is somehow provocative: a woman making eyes at men.

We can notice a male air in the advert: the beauty and flirt at men's service.

Do you think that the image would have been a different one, if the creative team that made this advert, was formed by women?

Resource: BestadsonTV.

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