The Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo won the Gold Award in Cyber Lotus category, thanks to the campaign created by Dentsu (Tokyo). The campaign was created for promoting new products from the Brand Top line.


The starting point was an inquiry related to design. The answers provided by a group of Japanese women served as a base for the Uniqlo's web, where you can find opinions of those, who have tried the product themselves.

The data taken into consideration was not standard one. Among the questions related to design, price or comfort, the questionnaire comprises information related to personal tastes, as preferred travel destination or favourite animal. All the responses were filmed and loaded in to the web.


"Uniqlo Try" gives the opportunity to choose, if you what to know an opinion of women who have tried the Uniqlo's products or any other women, whose opinions may interest you. There are four filters: age, height, size and body type.


As we have said in many occasions, women give a great importance to comments and recommendations made by other women. We like to know what other people think about certain product. Uniqlo makes this task easier for us. The brand does not leave us alone with a rough datasheet, which transfers no emotions and lacks credibility. In this web we experience a face to face contact, and we hear the real voice of women, who share their experiences. Although the sensation of subjectivity remains, at least they keep an eye contact with us 😉

After the launch of the campaign, the sales of Bra Top multiplied by 5.

Resource: The Inspiration Room.

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