A handyman is gone with the wind.

Women buy their own houses or flats and now they are the ones to fix taps sinking, doors groaning…

As women are the new consumers of this sector, it was necessary to turn to them with a special product. Barbara K was the first one who created a tool kit for women.

Barbara Kavovit has been working for years in the male dominated construction industry. This led her to realize that tools made for men result intimidating for women to use. This is why in the May of 2003 she brought to live her first line of tools for women.

Barbara K wants to inspire women to become more confident with their own abilities and able to run a more independent lifestyle. Barbara provides motivation, know-how and the tools needed.

Barbara knew women do not go to a specialized store to buy a hammer, a monkey wrench or carpentry square, but crystal-toolkitthey go there to find a solution for their problems. The Barbara K's tools weight a little less than the casual ones, there are less of them and they adapted for a woman’s heel size and hand strength. Besides, Barbara gives advices about how to deal with the most common house repairs with use of the tools.

Do it yourself. This is Barbara's message to women.

For the most demanding (and the richest) ladies, the brand has launched this exclusive and limited edition of the toolkit, adorned with more than 6000 fabulous crystals from Swarovski.

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