Two women created this spot for Neiman Marcus clothes store: Liz Von Hoene & Margo Weathers


Collections Spring/Summer 2009 arrived to shops and TV and fashion magazines are blossoming with adverts and samples of new trends: colours, materials, styles… for every taste.

However, Neiman Marcus does not show any concrete vogue. More important than clothes is how a woman feels when she enters a store, tries on prêt-a-porter in a fitting room or when she arrives home with all the shopping.

You spend much time finding what best fits your style and your body. You try it on, ensure that it just what you are looking for, look at the mirror and wait for the confirmation. What's more, at home you prove that in fact it's what you wanted… or not. The process starts again. It's more than a purchase, it is a moment when you find yourself, when you feel beautiful and play with it. And an ordinary cloud can be enough, don't you think so?

Resource: BlackEiffel.

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