Yesterday, I wrote about the female presence in the Grand Prix of Golden Drum Advertising Festival. Today, I’m going to talk about the female presence in the jury of this Festival. The data are also negative for women. Of the 36 members of the jury, only 4 were women. As a small acknowledge to the girls that got ‘slip in’ this, for the moment, ‘boy’s club’, here are their names.

In TV, Press, Outdoor and Radio Jury, 9 men, 1 woman:

Suna Tancig

Co-fundadora y Directora Creativa, Original, Eslovenia


I Ad Campaigns Jury, 6 men, 0 women.

In Interacive Jury, 3 men, 0 women.


In Media Drum Jury, 4 men, 2 women:


Anna Lubowska

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mediaedge:cia CEE, Polonia


Susanne Koll

CEE Regional Director, Omnicom Media Group, Reino Unido



In TV & Film Promo Jury, 3 men, 1 woman:

Miša Molk

Executive Project Manager, TV Slovenia, Eslovenia


In Design & Art Direction and Portoroz Piran Poster Jury, 4 men, 0 women.

In Open Ad Golden Drum Ideas Jury, 3 men, 0 women.


Resource: Golden Drum

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